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Your Company Needs a Strategy for Voice Technology

Once the stuff of science fiction, voice-first technology is flourishing in industries across the board - from finance to healthcare to the automotive industry. Has your company made the leap?

“Voice assistants, smart speakers, and all manner of voice-first technology have enjoyed remarkable growth and adoption. Voicebot.AI reports that the smart speaker install base within the U.S. grew 40% from 2018 to 2019, now exceeding 66 million units. International markets have grown even more dramatically — Dutch adoption of smart speakers exploded from 0% to 5% in just four and a half months, for example, with no sign of slowing down.

“Voice-first doesn’t mean voice-only, though. Smart speakers with screens — generally referred to as “smart displays” — are surging in popularity as well. In January of 2018, there were 1.3 million smart display owners in the U.S., and by the end of the year, that number had risen to 8.7 million — an increase of 558%. Products like Amazon’s Echo Show and the Google Home Hub upped the ante on expectations for voice-first technology.

“The emergence of voice, which serves as the front door for artificial intelligence and machine learning, is already making a mark on a wide variety of industries.”

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