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Personal Branding Advice You Must Ignore

Not all advice is good advice. Here are 7 common pieces of advice on personal branding that you are better off ignoring.

"Having been in the field of personal branding longer than anyone on earth, I have heard virtually all the advice that experts are sharing to help career-minded professionals build their brand. And most of it is reasonable and quite valuable. But too often, I encounter “branding” advice that will actually prevent you from building your brand, and worse, it will waste your very precious time. Here’s some of the most pernicious advice you must ignore."

"'Just get out there.' It sounds like good advice, but branding needs to be focused. If you’re being visible for the sake of it, this might increase the number of people who have heard of you, but to what end? Strong personal brands are known for something. You need to be clear about your brand promise before “just getting out there.” Sometimes my audiences seem resistant to the first step of branding because it doesn’t seem exciting enough, but the first step is the most important. Step one must be to spend time getting clear about who you are and what sets you apart from others. Until you have that part of your brand in order, you’re not ready to start building brand visibility."

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