Collaborative Processes and Methodology

With Pyramid in your corner, you can count on having the ability to respond quickly and effectively to market changes and opportunities. The key to our reliable project delivery is our demonstrated expertise in a range of efficient, repeatable, and nimble process methodologies.

Pyramid Agile Delivery Process

We specialize in distributed agile methodologies. From the requirements-defining stage through the acceptance stage, our resource team collaborates seamlessly with yours -- with or without colocation. The structured, two-way communication components of our Pyramid Agile™ process keep you informed and engaged, while equipping us to respond swiftly to any changes in requirements.

Our teams are also experts in a range of other agile delivery processes, like Scrum, or the more linear processes such as RUP and waterfall. Bottom line, we can adapt and blend easily with your own process environments.

Four-Stage Methodology

In conjunction with our collaborative and seamless development process, we employ a proven project management transition model. Our comprehensive, four-stage methodology sets forth several steps of project planning, followed by multi-step stages of transition, build, and sustenance activities. By defining each stage at the outset, this methodology helps keep projects on-track, on-time, and on-budget.

Read about our process delivery in action. Check out our story Success with Distributed Agile Development on our cases and comments page.


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